The stories we tell determine the kind of world we live in. My TED story is that when I started there were about 20 employees and by the time I left we had nearly 200. I’m proud that I helped build TED because it shares stories that are true and help make the world a better place.

Along with supporting the growth of TED, TEDx, TED-Ed, TED Institute and TED Books and attending dozens of TED events, I got to hug Brene Brown,  was snapped at by Sergey Brin, and sat so close behind Bill Gates I could see the pilling on his maroon cashmere sweater.



Copywriting for a multitude of projects including attendee and speaker communications; conference marketing; a global talent search; TED Prize events; and countless other ventures.

Executive Comms

While impeccably upholding the CEO's goals, voice and British good manners, wrote as his envoy tens of thousands of emails to speakers, attendees, supporters, fans + foes, VIPs and staff.

speaker intros

Live onstage host 'speaker intros' must intrigue and establish credibility – in under 30 seconds without giving too much away.

Researched and wrote dozens of these small gems.

experience analysis

Responsible for post-conference surveys. Analyzed confidential data that impacted all organizational planning.


Research into everything: strategic planning, speakers, events, crises, and for CEO's (now bestselling) book.

TED Talks

Edited and rewrote talks including:

4+ million views

4+ million views

1.5+ million views

1.5+ million views

Created presentations for TED CEO's talks including the first Prezi used for a TED talk: How web video powers global innovation 1+ million views

Created presentations for TED CEO's talks including the first Prezi used for a TED talk: How web video powers global innovation 1+ million views

TED Institute talks have received millions of views.

TED Institute talks have received millions of views.

Social Media


Wrote for and managed CEO's Twitter account. 

Even with 1.7 million followers, Twitter attention is not easy to retain. Fascinating to learn what kinds of posts got noticed.



Wrote for the CEO's personal blog, particularly during the devastating 2010 Pakistan floods when he was there on the ground. When he could get internet access, he'd send rough updates and photos for me to craft into full posts.


Fast paced excitement and on the fly research and writing for a live Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything).

TED Books

In September 2010, I sent the CEO a small news item about Apple's plans to create a short-form books series. Naturally ; ) he immediately sent a personal email to Jeff Bezos to suggest that Amazon preempt the idea. No one's claiming credit – but Amazon announced the Kindle Singles concept a month later.

I solicited and edited the initial six titles, and TED Books launched less than four months later in conjunction with the launch of Kindle Singles. TED Books is now a major TED division.

TED Special Projects

TED 30th Anniversary Exhibits

For TED2014, we created two interactive exhibits: a gallery of 25 iconic TED speakers, and an exhibit titled 10 Key Drivers of the Future. I directed the multi-team effort; wrote, researched and edited exhibit copy; and communicated with dozens of speakers to get both projects ready under tight deadline.

TED Challenges

Produced TED Challenges, which gave ten teams of conference attendees the opportunity to solve concrete problems during TED2013 and TED2014. Outcomes include:

  • Guidance for a Bezos Family Foundation early learning project.
  • New campaign for Bono’s
  • Emergence of vaccine tracking system for GAVI Alliance.
  • Voice recognition software for quadriplegics.
  • National project to fight child trafficking in sync with a White House task force.

Conference Communications

Upgraded conference communications processes, resulting in significantly improved conference attendee satisfaction and eliminated hundreds of hours of staff troubleshooting. 

Email Charter

Co-wrote this manifesto aimed at reversing the spiral of email overload.

It's received thousands of views, shares and Facebook Likes. 

Articles in Fast CompanyThe Washington Post, and The New York Observer.