You have a story to tell.

We’re the most communicating, complex species ever. It’s never been easier to reach large audiences. But it’s still not easy to create extraordinary content.

Great communication will elevate your reputation, your work and your influence. It can change your life; it may even change the world. Mediocre communications will be, at best, ignored. Audiences have soaring expectations combined with significant attention deficits.

Do you feel passionate about your message but not 100% sure how to develop it so that it truly reaches your audience? Maybe you’ve worked hard but feel a little underwhelmed by your results. Or maybe you’re spending too much time staring at a blank page... fighting the urge to eat a dozen donuts, pull the covers over your head and call it quits!

How can you create compelling, high-impact content with ease and confidence?

Your stories are powerful.

I can help you to tell your story well – no matter your unique project. Through the process I've developed, we'll find the ingredients that make your work good, fresh and influential. We'll engage your clarity and confidence to develop content that integrates mind and heart. We'll investigate your ideas, explore what drives you and find the content that solves your writing puzzles. Creativity flourishes in nurturing environments, so, like compassionate detectives, we’ll uncover it all with kindness.

For seven years I was part of the initial small team that brought the TED Conference brand to global prominence. I grew adept at presenting complex issues as stories worth telling, partnered with speakers to write TED talks including presentations with millions of views, and learned myriad ways to translate ideas into transformative content.

I've also struggled mightily with my own creativity and writing. I have compassion for the difficulties, and experience and insights that can help you create something good and satisfying.

Six Facets of Extraordinary Communications.

At TED and throughout my writing career, I've learned that great communications share 6 key ingredients:

  1. A passion for sharing your idea: The top TED curator gave me this insight: if a speaker seemed most interested in publicizing their new book, their TED talk would likely be blah, no matter how great their achievements. If they were bubbling with excitement to share their ideas, they’d electrify the audience, no matter the size of their credentials. We will uncover what you are most excited to share. Whether you’re writing for publication or the stage, you’ll become unshakable as a communicator with a gift to share.
  2. An idea that changes the audience’s understanding: A compelling idea enlarges our vision of what is good and possible. Martha Graham said, “…there is only one of you in all time, your expression is unique. And if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and will be lost.” Together, we’ll pinpoint your most valuable and unique insights.
  3. A focused theme and through-line: Are you frustrated by how to fit it all in and not sure what to cut? I know what questions to ask so that it becomes clear what belongs and what does not. We’ll work to focus your through-line to ensure that every piece of content has a purpose.
  4. A compelling start. A satisfying end: It matters how you begin and end your stories. We’ll figure out how to craft a narrative that keeps your audience engaged from start to finish.
  5. Clear writing: I will help you build a scaffolding of clear language.
  6. An authentic emotional connection: Authentic presence is compelling. I will support you to find and share your truth – to the precise amount that is comfortable for you and fitting for your ideas.

You have a unique message. Let's nurture it.

Instead of feeling confused, over-worked or frustrated, your work process will be interesting, creative and even a little bit fun. I can help you stand in the certainty of your message. Through our search, good ideas will unfold and your writing will flow. 

Nurture your talk with insight. Support it with clarity and direction. Share it with confidence and satisfaction.  Let’s talk about how to get started.

Let's talk about how to get started.

We'll meet for 30-45 minutes by phone to discuss your primary objectives and needs, and to explore if we're a good match. At the end of our conversation, you'll receive a written proposal for how we can work together.


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