Does writing your 'About' statement feel like torture?

An ideal way to break writer's block? Playfulness.

Does writing a personal or organizational mission statement feel like being boiled alive andburned at the stake? To ease the pain, try this technique I learned from coaches Dawn Copeland and Debra Woog.

Step 1: Set a timer for 15 minutes. Get ready to write.

Step 2: In one sentence only, complete the following prompts.

Vow that no one will read your words. This helps you write honestly – instead of writing what you think you should say.

  1. I am
  2. I believe that
  3. I love to
  4. I know that
  5. I dream of
  6. I was born to
  7. What I want most is
  8. I shine when
  9. I feel most alive when
  10. If I had a superpower
  11. I work best when
  12. I can help you

Step 3. Take a break. Rewrite the sentences so that you'd feel comfortable sharing them.

Weave the discoveries into a new draft of your About, How I/We Work or Mission Statement pages. I won't show you my first draft but here's my second:

  1. I am a fighter for truth, justice and the right to be compassionate about the feelings we find within.
  2. I believe that we can integrate mind and heart to create progress.
  3. I love to make beautiful things and learn what other people are doing, thinking and feeling.
  4. I know that I’m a brilliant conversational detective.
  5. I dream of bringing constructive, open inquiry to the workplace.
  6. I was born to ask questions, be adventurous and make people laugh.
  7. What I want most is for people to know that their stories are powerful.
  8. I shine when engaged in compassionate, creative exploration.
  9. I feel most alive when open to what is real.
  10. If I had a superpower I would be a shapeshifter who can fully understand what it’s like to be someone else.
  11. I work best when I have freedom within a form.
  12. I can help you clarify your ideas and feelings so they touch another and spark growth.

I love how different we all are.

There are so many ways to support each others strengths and weaknesses. I'd love to read what you wrote.

photo by Meilssa Hayden

photo by Meilssa Hayden