Bickering Brain


Left Brain: The right-brain/left-brain theory of personality is bunk. 

Right Brain: It's a compelling analogy.

Left Brain: Oh please, it's pop self-help. Read this Plos One study. Or, if you can't hack the science, this Guardian piece.

Right Brain: It's a marvelous way to illustrate our conflicting approaches.

Left Brain: You use too many adjectives.

Right Brain: You are too critical.

Left Brain: I'm accurate. 

Right Brain: Left to yourself, you'd be forever cataloging minutiae into Excel spreadsheets. Try opening to the creative flow.

Left Brain: Gag. Stick to the facts.

Right Brain: Punctilious nag.

Left Brain: We must find a way to work together.

Right Brain: But we have!

Left Brain: Finally...

Right Brain: Please don't use that tone.

Left Brain: What tone? What are you talking about?