Jane is the secret lovechild of Geena Davis and Bill Gates: part nice-girl who's tougher than she looks; part insufferable nerd. She was adopted by a proper British do-gooder and the Legal Director of the ACLU, and raised quietly on New York's Upper West Side when it was dangerous and had no cappuccinos.

Jane is a writer, communications consultant and café therapist. Professional adventures include working as TED Scribe for seven years. Even TED top-honcho Chris Anderson – to whom she reported – cannot explain what that job entailed.

She did not succeed at being a pre-med, actress, waitress, sugar-cereal website designer or University of Chicago grad student, although she enjoyed arguing with political philosopher Allan Bloom while he flirted with her boyfriend and chain-smoked Marlboro Reds during seminars on Plato's The Republic. 

Dating a NeoCon was the meanest thing she ever did to her lefty parents. Worse even then the time she dated a prominent NYPD detective.

Jane lives in Brooklyn and strives to integrate her bickering right and left brains.

Right-Brain Creative

“Let the beauty we love be what we do. There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground.” 

– Rumi

Teenage angst. Told through shoes


+ The Wedding Line: A true-life lament on getting old is then revised by David Mamet and Shakespeare.

Lunch Break: Friendship goes awry on a park bench. Produced at Playwrights Horizons.

Making Out: Blind date leads to love in all the wrong places. Produced at the 92nd St. Y.

Other projects by request.

Wultex.com (Remember rollover GIFs?)

Wultex.com (Remember rollover GIFs?)


Wultex was one of my grandfather's clothing companies. He created beautifully designed stationary in the 1930s. The company tag line was, "Three generations of progress." This must refer to the fact that all his progeny abandoned the garment industry as soon as humanly possible.

We have a House of Wulf crest. This makes me feel like a powerful yet tortured Westeros princess.

Perhaps I should run a workshop called 'Design Your Own Family Crest.' We all need one, don't you think?



Only written when at a total loss.